Does your child know about sex? Be mindful of the fact that half-baked and incorrect knowledge about sex can stir up potential risks. Would you want your children to be naïve about sex? You either can cook up the perils or instead, empower them in making the right decisions and living safer, healthier and happier lives.

Here we pelt 6 myths about sex education with stones and smash them to smithereens.

  • My child doesn’t need sex education. It’s obscene. It teaches children to start having sex from a very early age.

You must know sex education doesn’t give lessons to your children to engage in premature sex. What it does is to teach them the biological, physiological and social aspects required to lead a healthy sex life in the future. It not only explains the physical act of having sex but also helps familiarize your child with concepts like gender identification, physical changes with age, consent, cognizance of sexual abuse, measures to prevent AIDS, STDs and birth control.

  • Sex is purely an adult topic. Unmarried couples acquire knowledge of sex on their own after marriage. Sex education depraves young minds.

It would be appalling to know that nearly 53 percent of children aged between 5 and 12 have reportedly been victims of sexual abuse. In light of this fact, sex education is deemed imperative. The habit to maintain silence and accede to shame and guilt concerning sexual abuse imply that the sufferer can’t make their accounts of oppression public. Sometimes the victim doesn’t even know if they’re being sexually maltreated.

  • Educating children about sex drives their desire to have more sex. The soaring trend in teen pregnancy is the fallout of sex education among children.

In India, out of every 1000 pregnant women, 62 are found to be teenagers. It’s amongst the highest in the world. Researches indicate that about 18 percent and 47 percent of Indian girls are married off before they attain the age of 15 and 18 respectively. Pregnancy among teenagers and an unmarried couple do not have a western influence. This problem is deeply ingrained in our society. It has resulted from old-fashioned societal practices which in turn are perpetuated by an absolute deprivation of understanding about bodily functions, sexual behaviors and birth control measures like condoms, contraceptives, love kits etc.

  • Men don’t get raped. Men don’t get pregnant. Men aren’t in need of sex education. It’s only the girls who need sex education.

Recent surveys show that 57 percent and 43 percent of children who were alleged to have experienced harsh sexual abuse and torment including rape and sodomy are boys and girls respectively. In addition, the survey also states that around 18 percent of adult Indian men, at some point in their lives, have been coerced to partake in sexual encounters. Shockingly, the number of male HIV/AIDS sufferers in India is a staggering 61 percent. Let’s be honest. Sex education is for everyone.

  • Banning sex education will solve all problems. Our children won’t ever get to find anything substantial about sex.

Children always exhibit a propensity to know about sex. Having them deprived of gaining the correct and logical information regarding sex prompts them to gather knowledge from friends, movies, internet etc. that are wide of the mark. These trigger gossip mills, rumors, myths, and silly realities. They’re not just dangerous and unfounded, but being bereft of any trusty source to back them up, they extend well into adulthood as well and with the existence of unmarried couple hotels having the right knowledge is essential .

  • A child becomes a homosexual when taught homosexuality. This behavior is unnatural and morally inappropriate.

Truth be told, homosexuality is something that’s innate and normal. It can’t be prevented or cured. Through sex education, a child gets to know about gender and sexuality inside out which consequently helps them to cope with the pressures of being homosexual and come to terms both with themselves and others who they’re acquainted with.

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