Summer is just around the corner and it is time to start planning your wardrobe for it. You want something fun, flirty, and comfortable for this hot season, especially if you plan to travel and enjoy some time off during the summer months. In this post, we check out some of the most interesting trends for summer dresses in 2019.

List of Summer Dresses Trends For 2019

  • Tie and Die Dresses
  • The Wave of Rusty Reds
  • Shorts
  • Shorts with Blazers
  • Rompers
  • Tight and Neat Pleats
  • The Neons

#1. Tie and Die Dresses

Tie and die made a comeback last year and appeared on the runways of Stella McCartney, Dior, and Prada. It is definitely going to be prominent this season as well. Designers used to tie and die fabric in layers and incorporated solid floral prints in the dresses to create dimension. This combination will be very popular on the streets this year. The trending tie and die design doesn’t have bright neon colors like it did in the past. The colors are mostly earth tones, tame blues, and even grays. This ensures the design looks sophisticated and sleek.

#2. The Wave of Rusty Reds

Rusty reds and terracotta shades are traditionally associated with autumn, but that changed last year. There was a wave of rich, beautiful earthy reds on the runway last year and those reds will definitely trend on the streets this year. Don’t shy away from burnt orange summer dresses or wine red cocktail dresses during summer this year.

#3. Shorts

Shorts are a summer staple and it doesn’t look like they will go out of fashion this year. You can stick with traditional jean shorts or experiment with something new and unique like broad shorts or knee-length trousers. These garments are comfortable, ideal for running and playing around during summer. They’re also a little more flattering on all kinds of body types than traditional jean shorts. This is the year for tailored and knee-length shorts that are practical but stylish.

#4. Shorts with Blazers

Shorts with blazers have also become one of the best new upcoming trends. The combination of practicality and style makes it a great option for parties, conferences, and romantic dinner dates. Choose blazers only if the weather permits it because they can be a little overwhelming in the summer heat. This outfit is a great choice if you want to spend time indoors in air-conditioned spaces.

#5. Rompers

Rompers have been on trend for the last few years and they are showing no signs of going away this year. These adorable garments are perfect for summer, especially when you’re going to spend most of your time outdoors. They are low-maintenance, comfortable, and can be flattering if you choose the right fit. Solid colors are more on trend than prints, but printed rompers can be flattering as well. You just need to make sure you choose the right print.

#6. Tight and Neat Pleats

Pleats add dynamism and movement to any dress so it is no wonder that so many designers like to experiment with this style. When used correctly, this style can help you appear both formal and feminine. Pleats can be tailored into skirts, dresses, and even shirts. This style is very architectural and structured while being fluid at the same time.

#7. The Neons

Summer is all about bright colors and vivid shades. It is the perfect time to flaunt bright pinks, neon yellows, and searing reds. You just need to make sure the dress is tastefully cut to balance out the brightness of the colors.

All of these styles are designed will be popular this summer. If you like to be on trend, try experimenting with these looks. It is also a good idea to accessorize your look. That will make it uniquely your own.

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