April 1st of every year is the day that brings back many fun and hilarious memories to everyone. On this day, anyone is free to fool their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. This day is meant to be taken light-hearted and fun. But things do not always end up the way you think, so it is needed to decide earlier that how you are going to prank practically on April 1st to fool out people and enjoy utmost.  Let’s get some the best practical April fool prank ideas

Top 10 best practical April fool pranks

  • Surprise news about little guest
  • Replace sugar with salt and vice versa
  • Fun at workplace
  • Telling shoelace is untied
  • Set a alarm clock back one hour
  • Announce TV is dead
  • Sorry letter
  • Act like a gone case
  • TV folly
  • Drawing on the Car

#1. Surprise news about little guest

Well, this is somehow a prank that can be little sentiment, but what to say prank is prank, so, tell your spouse that they are pregnant.

#2. Replace sugar with salt and vice versa

How about adding salt into coffee or tea and mixing sugar to your veggies.  You can also substitute the sugar for salt at the dinner and breakfast table.

#3. Fun at the workplace

This one is specially office prank- make a wide message pop up on all employee’s screens with a crazy message such as earth is going to be destroyed as it has been invaded by aliens.

#4. Telling shoelace is untied

Tell any of your friends that their shoelace is not tied up (it is very funny when they are wearing shoes or something that don’t have shoelaces)

#5. Set a alarm clock back one hour

You can set your roommate or spouses alarm clock back one hour; this is totally amazing to try out.

#6. Announce TV is dead

You can unplug the TV or can hide the power cord, and tell the TV lovers and kids that the TV doesn’t work anymore. It is for sure that kids will become rigorously upset about this one.

#7. Sorry letter

Leave an apology letter on your friend’s car that says how sorry you are about hitting his or her car. Also, note down your fake name and your own phone number to swap insurance information. If possible, you should hide nearby to watch his or her reaction as they search crazily looking for the dent on their car, that isn’t actually there! Besides, you can also write a sorry letter to being separate or breaking up or leaving home.

#8. Act like a gone case

Start acting by sneaking into your victim’s car and have fun by adjusting everything, likewise  turn the radio up at full blast, have the wipers on high speed, move the seats down, put the floor mats here and there on the seats, turn heat or AC on full blast, keep talking non sense or crying loudly, turn hazards on, etc.

#9. TV folly

To make anyone fool out at your home, bring the extra remote to the TV. When your victim is watching his or her favourite program, hide outside and continually regulate the volume or change the channels. Keep in mind don’t make sounds or Just don’t laugh. You will find it really funny as you watch them get irritated with the remote and the TV.

#10. Drawing on the Car

This prank is going to be hilarious fun if you get some plastic wrap to cover the hood or doors of your victim’s car and spraying paint to have some fun drawing on their car. After doing so, be sure you can’t be seen and then, watch their reaction.


The above mentioned pranks are some of the best practical pranks that are not going to cost you money or more time and effort.  Choose any one that is most suitable for you according to your victim’s nature and belongings. If he or she has car then, you can go for any of the three car pranks and can have the best ever April fool day.

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