These destinations are quite popular and have earned quite a reputation for themselves as the best destinations in throwing New Year’s Eve party. So, this year be ready to celebrate New Year at these awesome places.

7 great places to spend New Year’s Evening

  • Sydney
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangkok
  • Dubai
  • Moscow
  • Cape Town
  • London
  1. Sydney

Sydney in Australia is one of the major cities which welcome New Year with a bang. People from all around the world visit the Sydney Harbour where the major fireworks take place. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge provides the perfect backdrop for the spectacular fireworks show. The islands situated in the harbour or the family-friendly parks are a good view.

  1. Hong Kong

The skyline in Hong Kong is quite dramatic. Anyone who has ever seen the fireworks in Hong Kong in New Year’s Eve will never forget the experience. The fireworks lighting up the beautiful Victoria Harbour and a coordinated music that plays with the fireworks make the sight more interesting. If you do not want to be a part of the crowd you can enjoy the magnificent display from your hotel rooms too. Even before midnight people gather at Star Ferry Pier (Tsim Sha Tsui) where many dance performances, theatre, circus and other forms of entertainment take place. If you have some time in hand you can also go to Ocean Park, a favourite amusement spot.

  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is popular for its nightlife. It is considered one of Asia’s best nightlife cities. So obviously the celebration here is huge. If you are someone who enjoys noise and crowd, Bangkok would be the best place for a getaway at New Year’s Eve. Bangkok’s Central World Plaza is Bangkok’s own Times Square and this is the main spot where people gather for the celebration. Another favourite spot where you will always find crowd is Asiatique which is a shopping and entertainment centre including the Chao Phraya River. The sky-high hotels offer a good view of the skyline and you can also enjoy having drinks with your friends at the stunning bars.

  1. Dubai

Who hasn’t heard about Burj Khalifa in Dubai? It is the most magnificent and attention-grabbing skyscraper in the world. On New Year’s Eve, the building displays a show of lights. It is the world’s tallest building as you may already know, with a height of 2,716.5 feet. The crowd gathers at the footsteps of the building to enjoy the night show of lights and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Just a little far away, there is Burj Plaza, which is far quieter and is ideal for visiting with families. Dubai has also managed to earn a reputation as a major food destination so you get the world-class food qualities in the top-tier restaurants. You can also visit the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall which has the best collection during the New Years.

  1. Moscow

Moscow experiences one of the coldest New Year. Still, people from all over the world gather at the historic Red Square in Moscow to sight the most amazing fireworks display brightening up the sky. You can also sit at your hotel room with a view of the sky and enjoy the show with your family and loved ones. The other attractions are the world’s most visited tomb which is of Vladimir Lenin, the communist leader and you can also reserve a day for visiting the Cold War relics from the Soviet Era.

  1. Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful city situated at one of the most amazing locations in Africa and also in the world. The scenic beauty goes really well with the New Year’s Eve fireworks. The city has everything you like. If you want a quiet holiday with your family and children, it has some of the most elegant hotels with all means of relaxations and delicious food and if you want to party hard, it has the best bars and discos. Another thing which tourist usually do in Cape Town has a tour of South Africa’s most renowned vineyards.

  1. London

The whole state lit up along the river Thames is the perfect backdrop for the fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. The tickets of the official staging area are pre-booked from months ago and sell out very fast. But if you want to watch it free, the hilltops of Primrose Hill and Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath all the best location for you. You can also watch it from an open space like Greenwich Park and Alexandra Palace. You can also opt for a river cruise and watch it from boats. It is a different experience altogether. But if you are not in a mood of spending the evening standing in a crowd, you can visit some of London’s oldest pubs, which serve age-old beverages which have the perfect taste. Another interesting thing you can do is attend a theme party. If you are someone who is a fan of heritage and royalty, you can also go to Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria was born.

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