In these recent times, the handmade products for home decoration have been replaced by online readymade items. It took no time for the people to get adapted to the transition and they got acquainted with the readymade items. But some marketplaces still believe in the elegance and strength of handmade décor products and tried to promote it online. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about some famous online marketplaces that can provide you really good handicraft for home décor.

Like Etsy is a platform in the world to sell handmade items, in India, we have some sites that allow you to buy all handmade items at a relative cost to popularize the handmade handicraft market. Let us take a look at the sites and you decide from where to buy the products for your next festival decorations.


This website has been successful over the years to provide all the Indian handicrafts and maintain its niche in the unbalanced market conditions. The website is like a platform where the Indian craftsmen meet with the large conglomerates to sell a particular item in a bulk. This profits all the parties involved in the trade. You should try the place to order some handmade stuff that will make your living room livelier and more traditional.


This website claims to be the best at providing varieties of handmade products to a larger group of Indian crowds than the other platforms. Recently, the website raised a huge amount of 350 crores from venture capital funds and invested in the market which gained them a huge profit. If the venture capitalists see a spark in their business, we should trust their intuition and see whether the investment was made in the right place.


This website will provide you with any metal ware needed to decorate the house. From antique chandeliers to innovative handmade wall hangings, this website really deals in all these things at a cheap price. Metal bowls with engravings on it and puja artifacts are the most demanded items in the marketplace. So, this Diwali gets your Ganeshji and Laxmiji from this website and do your rituals. This website can cater to your wholesale needs and at the same time maintain quality.


ArtyOwl is a new platform which gets together the artisans directly without involving big names and companies. They not only sell home décor products but kitchenware as well. All the goods are handmade and the main components are wood and cork. The lifetime of the item is also elongated with the usage of some polish and other material. They also sell edible products like jams, sauces, and many other things. It is a complete package for all of us.

The Indian Craft House

The Indian Craft House is the place where you will find the rich heritage of India at a contemporary price. It is spread all over India and the products are directly brought in from the artisans or the NGO’s working together with them. They also claim to provide the artisans the maximum intended profits from the sale. Rare items are available on the website which will leave you in awe. So, try this website and you will really something that will suit your living room or your kid’s room. Every time you enter the room you will feel the smell of Indian handcraft.

Saffron Art

This is not a website but it is the marketplace where are rich folks buy stuff for their houses. It is basically an auction-based concept where they auction all the precious or beautiful handmade products at a gathering and divide the profits with the artisans. It increases the chance of gaining more profit and more sale. So, this website is updated all the details about the auctions it is going to conduct which will help you to visit the place and choose your own products.

Handmade products are the best, as they give you the tinge of your tradition and your upbringing. They look classic and attractive which many things to say. They appeal to our eyes and aura which makes them the best.

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